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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Rattan Mirror

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Mirror Models 

Why should be rattan mirror in our home?

Well, rattan is actually a material that is commonly used for home design and furniture. Rattan handcraft is considered as a traditional and artistic model as well. Therefore rattan has been popular in the field of home design and furniture in all over the world. Rattan material is elastic, economical, light, maintainable, and definitely durable for its usage. 

Then, rattan material is not only used for chairs, tables, or other things around us, but mirror is also applicable. Mirror is one of many objects around us that is manageable. It can be modified into any shape we wish to have. These are the samples of rattan mirror.

   MRR001                                            MRR002

As we can see that those mirrors look eye-catching. The don't only show the basic function but it also shows the artistic view of the room. The mirrors have round shapes with 40 - 60 centimeters for the diameter. The color is commonly natural or dark honey. A basic frame with symmetrical design or a customization with a unique form like flower for example.

Well, rattan mirror is another option to make a different look of our rooms. Besides, there are plenty of rattan mirror models that are available to choose. Now the question is, are you planning to decorate your room soon? and which design of rattan mirror do you prefer? Let us now by leaving a comment below. Have a great day, people! :)


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